Software Engineer & Graphics Enthusiast

I am a software developer with a focus on games and graphics. I have both a Masters in Advanced Computer Science. Prior and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. You can find some of my work below as well as on Github.


Terrain Generator

WebGL application that reads from a "heightmap" text file to generate terrain, also has the option of randomly creating a heightmap.

2D Multiplayer

Small game that furthers on my experiments with where players can run around and collect cherries.

3D Multiplayer

Small game that combines my experiments with and my 3D WebGL projects where players can explore a small desert-like area.

Raycasting Engine

A Raycasting Rendering Engine that I built for my final year project during my Undergraduate degree.


Hi, I'm Simon. I graduated from Cardiff University in 2016 with a BSc. in Computer Science and Mathematics. I did a placement year during this time with the Science and Technology Facilities Council in the Business Applications department. It was here that I encountered WebGL and all sorts of new technologies, many of them web based. Since then I've been experimenting with WebGL alongside OpenGL and lately Vulkan in various projects as well as exploring my enthusiasm for graphics.

For my final year project in my Undergraduate Degree, I used all that I had learned to make a Real Time Raycasting Rendering Engine as a combination of the two parts of my degree. After this project I realised I still had lots I wanted to learn about, specifically in the Computer Science side of things, so I chose to take my Masters degree in Advanced Computer Science at Cardiff University. My dissertation, which was inspired by the graphics and generation in the game "No Man's Sky", is titled Procedrual Generation and Rendering of Planets, and can be found on my GitHub.


Ludum Dare 23 - Theme: "Tiny World"

Code was written entirely in LUA using the Love2D framework.

Ludum Dare 24 - Theme: "Evolution"

Code was written entirely in LUA using the Love2D framework.

Ludum Dare 28 - Theme: "You Only Get One"

The code this time around was written in C++ using the SFML framework- artwork was done by Jacob Campion.

Ludum Dare 35 - Theme: "Shapeshift"

Code written in Javascript and WebGL- artwork was done by Jacob Campion.


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